Wednesday, May 30, 2007

iN tHe bEgInNiG

a group of young adults
embarked on a cause
to amplify the
unheard voices of the youth

while many care less
of youngs of this day
these band of friends
stands hand-in-hand
to speak out the truth

Yu Tok was formed when a group of young people organised themselves to speak-out and amplify those unheard voices of youth people in Papua New Guinea. Yu Tok group wanted to reach other youths around the country and provide them with information that they can use to benefit themselves.

Many young people have no access to information and that has been the pitfalls for many of their friends. There are also young people that have fallen through the crack of the education system and where not able to get a job or earn an income to support their young families.

Yu Tok realise that these young people are the most important resources in the country. That one day, these youths would be making decisions for the nation. Their development plays a crucial role in the future of this country and Yu Tok sees great promise in providing information to prepare these youths and ameliorate urgent social problems they may face.

These information would be provided via radio, print and now via the web for those who where able to access the internet. Not only will the group provide information, but the group planned also on holding trainings, seminars and workshops for those who are able to participate. All of these things are done with the aim of giving young people information to better themselves, to avoid bad habits, to live healthy lives and to provide a second chance in life.

Yu Tok aims to create and environment where young people are exposed to new thinking, a diversity of voices and new opportunities. Driven by youthful vigor, our goal is to foster a sense of leadership, participation, and social entreprenuership through the innovative use of technology and media creating meaningful experiences for youth in Papua New Guinea.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I can be vain sometimes.....actually most times.

But for today...or rather this afternoon, I am putting this picture up to test this blog. The world of bloggers or blog is fairly new to me.

So I am here trying to put up a message and attached a picture to it also. Unfortunately the picture that I was able to get really fast is the one with Benji Marshall on it.

Well this particular picture was posted on my tagged board and I had a few jealous people asking "How the Heck did I get it?" But anyway, the point is......this picture was the fastest I can find to post on the blog so don't accuse me of showing -off or whatever else.

Now...what was I going to write about the photo?? I think the title was Benji and I have no idea what I should write about. Maybe I should write about why I put Benji's picture on the blog...right? I think I should....but what should I say?? I'm lost for words here but maybe I'll think of something in a while.

Laters Okay!



This is the first blog I have created.

Lets see how it will go