Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I can be vain sometimes.....actually most times.

But for today...or rather this afternoon, I am putting this picture up to test this blog. The world of bloggers or blog is fairly new to me.

So I am here trying to put up a message and attached a picture to it also. Unfortunately the picture that I was able to get really fast is the one with Benji Marshall on it.

Well this particular picture was posted on my tagged board and I had a few jealous people asking "How the Heck did I get it?" But anyway, the point is......this picture was the fastest I can find to post on the blog so don't accuse me of showing -off or whatever else.

Now...what was I going to write about the photo?? I think the title was Benji and I have no idea what I should write about. Maybe I should write about why I put Benji's picture on the blog...right? I think I should....but what should I say?? I'm lost for words here but maybe I'll think of something in a while.

Laters Okay!


anto said...

Congratulations man,

this is is neat for a starter. Willl be looking forward to checking up on your blog as it grows.


Yu Tok said...


Will post more as I gather my thoughts about recent events of yu tok