Monday, June 18, 2007

Email on HF Radio

My friend Stanley got me going on this little project he did while in school. It was about using a HF radio and connecting to the internet. Anyway....Stanley aroused my interest so I did some searches on google and realise the potential HF Radio can be for PNG.

Currently in Africa, Bushmail is a worldwide Email that works via HF Radio. It is extremely robusts and can even work during a cyclone. If this was successful in Africa, imagine what advantage it can do for Papua New Guinea. With the difficulties in communication and transportation, this Email over HF Radio may be the saviour for many of our citizens.

It only requires;
  • Antenna (can be suspended on a tree)
  • HF Radio
  • HF Modem
  • Computer (Laptop will do also)
  • 12 Volts DC battery (Solar panel for rural areas)

If you have a landcruiser, you can have an antenna on it and have your laptop pc powered by the cigarette lighter plug and wollla !!!!, you can check you email and even send email on your HF Radio. You cannot browse the internet for that matter as the internet requires you to transmit at the same time.

Two-way radio is a classic half-duplex medium of communication, that is you either trasmitting -- push to talk-- or receiving, not both at the same time. So we can store emails and send and also receive emails and check them off-line.

I am going to try this at my backyard and see if it works. I wonder if I can use skpye on this also. Because I am either talking or listening. If it does work......imagine the possibilities endless calls for FREE!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lets talk about Sex

I’ve been copied on this email email message for almost two weeks now. I can’t remember how many of this same email I got from dozen different senders but they all have the same context and message so I’m thinking, people must actually wanting to talk about sex.

So I’ll post the email I got copied on and lets discuss something on the subject. It may be interesting to see how many people actually going to comment to this post.

1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests find that when women make
love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair
shine and skin smooth.

2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering
dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the
pores and makes your skin glow.

3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that
romantic dinner.

4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches
and tones up just about every muscle in the body. It’s more enjoyable
than swimming 20 laps, and you don’t need special sneakers!

5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases
endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and
leaving you with a feeling of well-being.

6. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually
active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals called pheromones.
These subtle sex perfumes drive the opposite sex crazy!

7. Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world. IT IS 10 TIMES MORE

8. Kissing each day will keep the dentist away. Kissing
encourages saliva to wash food from the teeth and lowers the level of
the acid that causes decay, preventing plaque build-up.

9. Sex actually relieves headaches. A lovemaking session can
release the tension that restricts blood vessels in the brain.

10. A lot of lovemaking can unblock a stuffy nose. Sex is a natural
antihistamine. It can help combat asthma and hay fever.

I’ve facilitated a few workshops last year with the topic “Youth and HIV/AIDS” during my work. The interesting thing about it is the my discussion always ends with “Sex Education“. I had alot of interesting discussion everytime and discussion always get heated up. There are people who argue that Sex should not be talked about openly and there are others who have a more open mind to the subject.

But let me gather my thoughts and will talk more about sex...

Music Tour

Papua New Guinea always go crazy when a band is visiting the country. I remember the likes of Makoma, Maxi Prist, Lucky Dube, O’yaba, Apprentish, Sharzy etc… coming to PNG and causing hysteria with the admirers. Most of those visits where always to promote their album in the country our music loving fans. Solomon Island seems to visit regular whenever a new group hit the charts.

Not far behind the visits from the Solomon Island bands of Apprentish and sharzy are the bands that we get from African countrys. Makoma, O’yaba and Lucky Dube. We may have some also from the Carribean Islands but I’d have to check CHM to get more infor on that.
And we are all used to the slow and sometimes reggae music that these band comes to promote. Maybe it's time we give some flavour to our taste in music.....something a little fast and that makes you wanna move and grove...
What if we get a band with the latest music on the chart to play in PNG?? The first band that springs to mind is "Blue Lagoon". With their hits, Isle of Paradise and their remix of Heart Breaker, Break my Stride, and Now that we found Love........I believe they would be a hit with our music lovers and not only that......they could actually sell a message in their tour.
What you all think?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pacific Youth Festival - Papeete

The little town of Papeete woke up to over a 1000 young people from 25 countries and territories in the Pacific. These energetic lads around the Pacific met for the 1st time to celebrate the Pacific Youth Festival which was the first of it's kind.

July 17th - 22nd was the date we all meet in Papeete, Tahiti. This beautiful sleeping town was filled with excited youths who wanted to tell their friends from around the Pacific what they are doing in their country.

The festival consists of workshops, meetings and cultural events. Having 25 different countries to show their culture was just amazing. But having Papua New Guinea to add to the richness with traditional displays of the 19 provinces just shows how rich in culture Papua New Guinea stood out.

The main focus of the Festival was to draw-up the Pacific Youth Charter which I will write about next. But the festival also is a time were young people are to make connections, create a network and learn from the experiences provided by their peers in another country. There was time also for picnic and sometime for a night disco where everyone can join.

Papua New Guinea contributed alot to the festival. Chief Ombudsman, Ila Geno was a guest speaker on corruption and Dame Kidu was also another guest speaker on HIV/AIDS in the Pacific. Every young person there had to facilitate a workshop and also is required to take part in the cultural performances.

But no matter where you will always miss PNG and I missed PNG so much I could not believe it. I guess it was the lack of rice in our food that makes me want to get back to PNG as soon as possible. Tahiti is a good place to visit, but I must say it's too expensive to live there.


wRiTiNgS oN tHe wALL

They have come from far and wide. To meet up with their destiny. To see the "Writings on the Wall". Find their fate which is engraved on the wall and work on making it a reality

How surprised they find a wall without markings. Nothing written and Fr.Brian with a mocking smile on his face.

"What?? Is there no writing on the walls?? Where is my destiny.....I want to follow my fate"

Fr. Brain " There is nothing on the wall for you. Your fate is in your hands... Today you will chart your need life and work towards making it work for you. Your destiny is your own, you must write it on the wall where a space is left for you.

So take this maker, take this new sheet of paper.

And write your dreams away.

Write what you feel is dearest to you.

Write what social issues that affect you.

Write them all and leave out none.

For today, your destiny will be written."

With new eagerness, 89 out-of-school youths took to the walls. Markers in hand and papers flying. These young adults comprises of unemployed youths, sex workers, ex-bomana inmates and a few curious onlookers.

Here are some of the issues they wrote:
  • Education for grassroots

  • Education reform system

  • Employment problem

  • Education – Peter

  • Education - Eva

  • Unemployment – Robert Ali

  • What are the jobs, chances, opportunities for ex-prisoners

  • Abuse against women (family problems)

  • After school no employment – stap lon street - David

  • Lack of job opportunity - Peter

  • Should there be chances or opportunities (job) for ex-prisoners

  • No job because of no experience - Matthias

  • Education, job, health, Communities, nogat luksave - John

  • We have the qualification (education) but wantok system is the problem

  • Wai na government I no lukluk long ol yuts long sports

  • There should be some sports education in prison

  • Breaking of cultural values that demoralize our customary and traditional values - Ellison

  • I want to continue my education but no school fees – no one to help me - Muli

  • No jobs and education for youths in settlement area – Andy

  • Police brutality (tougher penalties) – James

  • Lack of job opportunity youths in the streets – George

  • Money – because no job tintin short mi painim tarablo – Lapa

  • Money is everything - John

  • Lack of education, lack of govt. support to youths, job opportunities for grasruts, better living for people in PNG – Peter

  • No school fees

  • Government doing nothing against the unemployment of youth, job, opportunities – Steven

  • Life em hard na mistap long hausi - Herry

These young people where given the opportunity in the form of "Open Space" where they discuss pressing social issues and the areas they need help in. Their issues are summaries and presented to the minister for youth and other youth stakeholders who will set-up programs to help these young people. The Open Space is a pilot project with similar projects happening throughout Asia and the Pacific.

On Air

So we finally get to go on air live!!

Jenny, Alotau “I thank the young people for taking up such a tasked in helping other youths and appreciated the World Bank for initiating such a wonderful program”.

This was the moment that we have been waiting for so long! To go on Air! To speak out! To tell the whole country that we are human beings. That we are equally important as an adult in the affairs of this country. That we are willing and would like to be involved in decision making process and to be consulted on the issues that may affect us.

Hooorrrraayyyyyy!!! It feels so good!!

But hey…..what are we going to talk about on air?? Should we talk about how my day went yesterday?? Or should we talk about what I had for breakfast last tuesday?? Maybe we should talk about why I always get cranky if I don’t get enough sleep.
But who would want to listen to me talk about me?? Guess no one would.
I know, lets talk about current events happening in our country. Lets talk about issues that may affect us directly or indirectly. Maybe have a youthful aspect to it and see the issues from our view point. Oh….I think thats a really great idea….

And also…..why don’t we invite callers to call into the show and give their comments on the topic of the night?? Hmmmmmm??? I think that would work. We initiate a discussion and get callers in to give their views on the subject. Yes……that would definately work.

Should we give a token of appreciation to our callers??? Maybe not so much of an appreciation and not to all callers (we might not have anything left to give) but only to a random selected caller each week. Great!! Lets give him a Yu-Tok T’shirt …

Wow…..I am so excited, time flies…….see you next week!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

I love Playing Soccer

I have decided to post a comment made by a talented footballer in my football team. He is still studying but is very passionate about soccer.

Thomas writes:

Parents are having visions of potential athletic wonder-children dancing in their heads thanks to the success of Freddy Adu. This 14-year old Ghanian boy signed a contract to play major league soccer in the US for the DC United team.
Although he’s young, he stands a chance of playing in the Men’s 2006 World Cup but wasn't used. I admire him, but his kind of success has never been what’s driven me to play soccer.

I’ve devoted countless hours to soccer, dealt with evil-tempered teams and refs, and my knees look like someone took a cheese grater to them. I have no regrets for the time I’ve spent playing soccer and accumulating bruises and bad tans.

While becoming a professional athlete may be a noble goal and should not be discouraged, it is far from the only reason kids should play sports. For me, soccer provides a release from the pressures of academics and home. And knowing that I’m playing not just for myself, but for my school and my teammates is something every young person should experience.

I play soccer because I love the game. I love the adrenalin rush when I make a great save. I love making a fool out of the opposing team’s offense. And it doesn’t hurt that sports look darn good on myresume. These are the things that make sports worthwhile, no professional career required.

Thomas - 19

Role Models

Role Models: Yu Tok's first tasked was to inteview young people on the street. Ask them about role models and hopefully with their consent have their voice on air. It was an effort to encourage positive message amongst young people and a good way to do that was to see who thier role models where and how their role models influence their life.

Now don't get confuse with my avatar on the profile section. I admire Legolas, and I really wish I was him in the movie "The Lord of the Rings" He just seem soo...soo.....unreal!! But he is not my role model here. If I do go on about my role'll take most of your time and I must also add that Legolas is very acurate with his bow and arrow and also has an eye like an eagle........right so why am I still bragging about Legolas?? Lets get a move on shall we,

Quite interestingly, a few young adults has mentioned that their role model is their father.
"My father is my role model because he is a very humble person. He is slow to react when confronted with aggression and always sets an example for me to follow. " -Robert, 25

But I guess sometimes, you need to specific. Some people have multiple role models. One role model for Rugby League, one for soccer and etc..... In actual fact, Robert has another role model in the form of Rugby League superstar Andrew Joey Jones. That influences his life for a while trying to find his place in playing rugby league but sadly he has to return to soccer!

Anyway....there are people that we look up to as an example of how we behave and how we chart the course of our life. These people are always in the forefront of our mind we when make decisions..........they may not be many........but at least there is someone we admire because of their character and their values in life.

So we Begin

Yu Tok Group after recording informercials at the studio

So we tried informercials for a month. And to start that off, we need to introduce ourselves in case the listeners get a shock of their life wondering...."who the hack is on air...talking about God knows what!!"

Hi I'm Rex. I am from Port Moresby and with my friends I belong to a group of young people that collect your voice to be put on the Radio. Your opinion is important.

Hi nem bilong mi em Watete. Mi wanepla bipo actor. Singaut bilong yu em bikepla long harim bilong mi.

Hi I’m Marie, I’m a Uni student. Our radio program is for you the young people of PNG.
Every month we go out and collect your opinions and air your voice, your views about what it is to be young in PNG.

Radio program bilong mipela em bilong yupela ol yanpela b’long PNG. Wanwan mun mipela save go aut long kisim tingting bilong yu na autim long Radio.

If you want your opinion to be heard on Radio. Call Yu Tok on 321 7111 or e-mail us @ Yu Tok, that is