Tuesday, June 12, 2007

wRiTiNgS oN tHe wALL

They have come from far and wide. To meet up with their destiny. To see the "Writings on the Wall". Find their fate which is engraved on the wall and work on making it a reality

How surprised they were....to find a wall without markings. Nothing written and Fr.Brian with a mocking smile on his face.

"What?? Is there no writing on the walls?? Where is my destiny.....I want to follow my fate"

Fr. Brain " There is nothing on the wall for you. Your fate is in your hands... Today you will chart your need life and work towards making it work for you. Your destiny is your own, you must write it on the wall where a space is left for you.

So take this maker, take this new sheet of paper.

And write your dreams away.

Write what you feel is dearest to you.

Write what social issues that affect you.

Write them all and leave out none.

For today, your destiny will be written."

With new eagerness, 89 out-of-school youths took to the walls. Markers in hand and papers flying. These young adults comprises of unemployed youths, sex workers, ex-bomana inmates and a few curious onlookers.

Here are some of the issues they wrote:
  • Education for grassroots

  • Education reform system

  • Employment problem

  • Education – Peter

  • Education - Eva

  • Unemployment – Robert Ali

  • What are the jobs, chances, opportunities for ex-prisoners

  • Abuse against women (family problems)

  • After school no employment – stap lon street - David

  • Lack of job opportunity - Peter

  • Should there be chances or opportunities (job) for ex-prisoners

  • No job because of no experience - Matthias

  • Education, job, health, Communities, nogat luksave - John

  • We have the qualification (education) but wantok system is the problem

  • Wai na government I no lukluk long ol yuts long sports

  • There should be some sports education in prison

  • Breaking of cultural values that demoralize our customary and traditional values - Ellison

  • I want to continue my education but no school fees – no one to help me - Muli

  • No jobs and education for youths in settlement area – Andy

  • Police brutality (tougher penalties) – James

  • Lack of job opportunity youths in the streets – George

  • Money – because no job tintin short mi painim tarablo – Lapa

  • Money is everything - John

  • Lack of education, lack of govt. support to youths, job opportunities for grasruts, better living for people in PNG – Peter

  • No school fees

  • Government doing nothing against the unemployment of youth, job, opportunities – Steven

  • Life em hard na mistap long hausi - Herry

These young people where given the opportunity in the form of "Open Space" where they discuss pressing social issues and the areas they need help in. Their issues are summaries and presented to the minister for youth and other youth stakeholders who will set-up programs to help these young people. The Open Space is a pilot project with similar projects happening throughout Asia and the Pacific.

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