Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Music Tour

Papua New Guinea always go crazy when a band is visiting the country. I remember the likes of Makoma, Maxi Prist, Lucky Dube, O’yaba, Apprentish, Sharzy etc… coming to PNG and causing hysteria with the admirers. Most of those visits where always to promote their album in the country our music loving fans. Solomon Island seems to visit regular whenever a new group hit the charts.

Not far behind the visits from the Solomon Island bands of Apprentish and sharzy are the bands that we get from African countrys. Makoma, O’yaba and Lucky Dube. We may have some also from the Carribean Islands but I’d have to check CHM to get more infor on that.
And we are all used to the slow and sometimes reggae music that these band comes to promote. Maybe it's time we give some flavour to our taste in music.....something a little fast and that makes you wanna move and grove...
What if we get a band with the latest music on the chart to play in PNG?? The first band that springs to mind is "Blue Lagoon". With their hits, Isle of Paradise and their remix of Heart Breaker, Break my Stride, and Now that we found Love........I believe they would be a hit with our music lovers and not only that......they could actually sell a message in their tour.
What you all think?

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